8th February 2020

Rosewood Pavilion wedding

My first wedding of the decade was a lovely, relaxed Rosewood Pavilion wedding, Susan and Craig’s day.

Susan got in touch last year after the lovely Julia from What the Fleur recommended me to her and we immediately got on very well. She was after a documentary, relaxed approached with minimal posing involved during the day. This sounded great to me because this is what I do best πŸ™‚

Rosewood Pavilion Wedding

Susan didn’t want me to photograph her preparations so when I got there, she was all ready and dressed! First I looked around at the venue, this was my first time there. It is just such a stunning setting with a lake, old trees, some woodland, a field and a barn.

Susan did most of the styling herself with her bridesmaid, Carlie and I have to say they have done an absolute beautiful job in the marquee. Her sister in law did the cake, it just looked perfect!

The ceremony was probably the funniest I have ever witnessed. First Susan got very emotional when walked down the aisle with her dad but very soon it all changed to full on fun and laughter.
They had drinks and enjoyed some time with the guest and then everyone headed to the marquee for the speeches and food. I took Craig and Susan for a short walk just around the lake, we didn’t spend much time taking photos, 5-10 minutes about 3 times all day. Although originally Susan mentioned quite a few times that she didn’t like her photos taken, in the evening she said she ended up really enjoying it! This made me so happy πŸ™‚

All the speeches were so funny too, we couldn’t stop laughing, everyone had such a good time – especially when later they got to the Jagermeister shots. And then the evening guests started to arrive and to everyone’s surprise…

The shoe game

When everyone just expected a quiet, slow first dance, there came Gary from JLW Sound&light and started a shoe game πŸ™‚ The questions and the answers were both so funny, noone could stop laughing. Then Susan and Craig did their first dance and the party started.


My year could not have started any better, it was a lovely, relaxed, happy day. Thank you so much guys for having me!!

Suppliers who helped this Rosewood Pavilion wedding happen:

Venue: Rosewood Pavilion
Makeup: Charlotte Victoria MUA
Hair: Eleanor’s hair design
Dress: Brides by Solo Newmarket
Flowers: What the Fleur
DJ&shoe game: JLW Sound&Light